7 Aloo Breakfast Recipes That Are All Things Desi And Delish!

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  • The ever so versatile and humble ingredient is used across cuisines
  • Potatoes are very healthy too
  • You can get very creative with breakfast

Give us a bunch of potatoes, we’ll tell you 235 ways to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a country, we are obsessed with potatoes, there is hardly any other vegetable quite as versatile as this tuber. Whether you want something rich or are looking for something comforting, you know you can always fall back on potatoes. This is why, we have compiled a list of our most favourite breakfast recipes with aloo, be prepared to be spoilt for choice.

Here’s A List Of 7 Aloo Breakfast Recipes That Are All Things Desi And Delish:

1. Bedmi Puri Aur Raseele Aloo
This popular North Indian breakfast combination comprises a crispy flatbread made with an urad dal stuffing. Bedmi puri is paired with soothing and slightly spicy potato curry. Click here for recipe. 

Bedmi puri is paired with soothing and slightly spicy potato curry.

2. Aloo matar sandwich
We have seen and gobbled down the tallest and most exotic sandwiches, but we will always have a special soft corner for our humble home-made aloo sandwich. This recipe has a seasonal twist; the spicy filling here is made of mashed potatoes and peas. This crispy sandwich can be paired with any of your dips. Click here for recipe. 


3. Aloo Tikki
Chaat for breakfast? Why not! In our view, it makes for an ideal brunch option. Stuffed potato patties, fried till crisp, slathered over with yogurt, a dash of chutneys and chaat masala. Finish it off with pomegranate seeds and brace yourself for a burst of flavours. Click here for recipe. 

4. Aloo Paratha
You saw this coming, so let’s cut to the chase – there are only a few things that could make us so happy early in the morning as a hot aloo ka paratha with a blob of butter on top. The flatbread stuffed with spicy aloo mixture goes best with pickle, chutney or raita. Click here for recipe. 


Paratha is stuffed with spicy aloo mixture goes best with pickle

5. Aloo Gobhi
It is the easiest thing you can prepare early morning, and since it is also a hit with kids, you are guilty of making it a bit too often. But we guess no one is complaining. Give your aloo-gobhi a hot and tangy twist with this recipe; the tantalising spice mix is sure to make your day. Click here for recipe. 

6. Masala Aloo Puri
Not just any stuffed puri, these stuffed puris are made with a combination flour of aloo and arrowroot, and a heartwarming stuffing made with dates, tamarind pulp and fennel seeds. These fried breads do not even need chutney, pickle or gravy, they are so wholesome on their own. Click here for recipe. 


Masala Aloo Puri are so wholesome on their own


7. Aloo Bonda
This spicy, fried potato dumpling is Karnataka’s popular snack item. With an outer covering made of besan and a mushy inner stuffing made of mashed potatoes and spices, aloo bonda is easily an aloo lover’s dream come true. Click here for recipe. 

Try these recipes and let us know how you liked them in the comments below!

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