6 Signs to Tell if you are Just Bloated or Have Gained Weight

Signs to Tell if you are Just Bloated

The thought that you might have gained weight even sticking to your diet and exercise routine can scare the daylights out of anyone! Are you freaking out imagining the thick fat layer that teeny tiny bite into that yummy pizza managed to add around the tummy area? No, weight gain does not happen overnight! But if you still have that grave fear about having gained weight, looking at your swelled up belly; before the panic attack sets in, do check for some signs to rule out bloating. Before you freak out, it would be prudent to go through this checklist to clear whether it’s all gas and fluid retention that’s making you look like a puffer fish. Bloating is that uncomfortable and stuffy feeling that gives the belly a swollen appearance and do rule out this possibility before getting frustrated. Here’s what you need to know:

1. You ate a Carb-Rich Meal a Few Hours Ago: Bloating tends to show up after having carb-rich and heavy meals. So, if you feel bloated after eating a large lunch or dinner, it’s more likely the bloat.

2. Your Tummy Looks a Few Sizes Smaller in the Morning: Observe your tummy for a few days, if it looks a few sizes smaller in the morning and gradually feels bigger as you eat meals, then it’s bloating. When you wake up with a comparatively smaller waist size than the previous night, it’s only bloating.

3. Your Periods are Around the Corner: The rise in female hormone estrogen and the drop in progesterone around and during your periods can make your belly distended along with causing water retention.

4. Only your Tummy Looks Enlarged: If you are walking around like a puffer fish, with no signs of weight gain elsewhere, then gas and fluid retention have distended your tummy temporarily. If your thighs, face, butt, arms look normal, then you have not gained weight.

5. Hard and Tight Abdomen: If your tummy feels hard and not soft as usual, it’s definitely bloating.

6. Are you Dehydrated? Dehydration, increased sodium intake can all cause water retention, and if you have been compromising on water intake and have had sodium-rich food recently, then your body is holding on to excess water around the belly area.

However, if you feel you have gained weight and it’s not just the bloat, lose all that extra weight by getting on the right kind of diet and exercise routine – all details have been mentioned on the Rati Beauty app. Download the app on your phone for more details.

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