5 Vastu Tips for Instant Career Growth

Have you lost your job during the pandemic?

Are you waiting to get an increment?

Do you wish to grow significantly in your career?

Since last year, the lockdown has taken a toll on the mental health of nearly every person out there but one thing that has kept us all highly stressed this entire year is OUR CAREER. The right answer to every question is a job best done by Vastu. There are certain tips and tricks according to Vastu that can guide you down the path you have chosen.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science for designing and building which helps us improve numerous areas of our life by balancing different elements of nature. Hence, it is highly beneficial. Now let’s come to the point.

Given below are 5 Vastu Tips that ensure instant career growth:

1. While using laptops and smartphones for work, you must be careful about the direction they are placed in. Placing the electronic items in the Southeast corner is good for career growth. In addition, you should make sure that the wires and cables are detangled and are not visible on the tabletop.

2. How you sit and work determines your career growth. Therefore, you must avoid sitting with cross legs as it hampers progress in your career. Sitting on a high back chair at the office ensures a good rise in the career and working with the proper discipline even while working from home is the key to growth.

3. Work from home is now a normal practice and this has led to the creation of workplaces at home. To ensure the best outcomes, you must make sure that your home office/workplace is not next to the bedroom. In addition, having a square/rectangle office desk would be great. Circular desks must be avoided.

4. Using powerful crystals results in higher energy levels and it’s also related to the increase in work efficiency. Keeping Quartz crystals in the office brings better opportunities. Placing a bamboo plant on your desk will also prove beneficial.

5. According to Vastu Science, keeping the head towards the east while sleeping ensures good career growth. It is known to improve concentration levels and promotes better mental energy. Sitting and working in the North direction is advisable. Make sure that you have a solid wall at your back. This will keep you grounded. You must not have a window at the back of the place where you sit to work, since this would keep you confused and distracted.

Lastly, have faith in the Universe and its magic. Follow these tips with pure intentions and you will definitely see good results.

Written by Priya The Optimist, a Vastu expert & a spiritual coach

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