5 Street Foods Of Nagpur That You Can Make At Home

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One of the largest cities in Maharashtra, Nagpur is on the bucket list of all the travellers out there. From beautiful landscapes to rich history, food and more, there’s a lot to do in and around this city. While exploring new places, food is one of the most important elements to study and analyse the place. Enjoying food in Nagpur is not only about trying high end restaurants but it also provides an exceptional chance to explore a variety of street foods available in every nook and cranny of the city. For instance, tari poha is a very popular street food recipe which is famous worldwide. Similarly, there are many more street foods from Nagpur that are worth trying. Let’s get started!

Here’s A List Of 5 Street Foods Of Nagpur You All Must Try:

Tari Poha: Our Recommendation

There are many ways in which poha is prepared in India. Here we bring you one amazing variation. It is prepared the same way as you prepare Indori-style kanda poha, except it is finished off with a serving of a delectable kala chana gravy also known as Tari. Tari Poha is an excellent mix of good carbs and protein, making it a wholesome and filling snack for everybody. Click here for the recipe of Tari Poha.

Kullhad Chaat

If you are a fan of chaats, you would definitely enjoy Nagpuri Kullhad chaat. Much like Matarachaat, it is made with boiled white peas tossed in a pool of masalas and tangy chutneys. Find the complete recipe for kullhad chaat here.


Nagpur-Style Bread Pakora Chaat

Here we bring you another chaat recipe that will leave you drooling. The crispy outer layer with mushy inside filling, laden with chutneys, sev and bhujia, this snack is just oh-so-delicious! Find the complete recipe here.


Orange Barfi (Santri Barfi)

Nagpur is also widely popular as the ‘The city of oranges’. Barfi made with oranges in Nagpur is a trademark. It is readily available in most of the sweet shops in Nagpur. Learn how to make orange barfi, here.


Not just in Nagpur, this delicious snack is famous everywhere in India. Filled with mashed potato along with green peas, finely chopped coriander and an assortment of robust Indian spices, this snack can please any kind of taste palate. It is best served with tangy tamarind or pudina chutney. Find the recipe here.


Try out these recipes and let us know which one you liked the most. For more such articles, stay tuned!

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