5 Smoothie Maker Options To Make Delicious Smoothies Instantly

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Creamy, thick and delectable, smoothies are considered to be one healthy drink made by using fresh fruits, vegetables, blended together with milk and yogurt. The drink is not just healthy, low in calories and nutritious, but is also quite easy-to-make and convenient. All you need is a good smoothie maker with some fruits and vegetables along with healthy seeds and nuts. Yes, it requires just a handful of ingredients to get ready – smoothie maker being one of the most important one. It is basically designed to blend harder substances like ice in just a matter of minutes.

If you are planning to buy a smoothie maker for your kitchen, here are some options for you to choose from.

1. Balzano High Speed Smoothie Maker

This smoothie maker features BPA-free plastic jars and universal blade for blending, mixing and grinding. Besides making smoothies, it is also very efficient in making juice, milkshakes and grinding batter, spices and much more.

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2. Nutribullet Smoothie Maker

Cute and compact, this smoothie maker comes with 3 jars including one 1.6 litre pitcher. In addition, it also has a two-speed control i.e. low and high with a pulse button for precise and personalised power.


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3. Wonderchef Nutri Blend Smoothie Maker

Sleek and powerful, this appliance comes with unbreakable and transparent PC jars and super sharp shiny blades making it ideal to make not just one but two kinds of things consecutively.

Food and drink

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4. American Micronic Smoothie and Shake Maker

We have found another versatile appliance for you. This appliance by the brand American micronic comes with tritan jars and super-fast motor with 20,000 rpm speed that can blend and grind easily and quickly.

food grade stainless steel blade

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5. Pokari Advance Blender

Made with high impact food eco-friendly plastic and food grade stainless steel blade, this product is deemed to ensure durability. Besides, it is portable, lightweight and compact making it ideal to carry anywhere such as travelling, camping, gym etc.

high impact food eco-friendly plastic

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