5 Lunch Box Options To Keep Your Food Hot And Fresh

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During a tiring day of work, what do you look forward to the most (besides going home, obviously)? It is lunch break. We all look forward to enjoy a few minutes of peace in the middle of the work and that is exactly what lunch provides us! What can be done to make these few minutes even more relaxing? The obvious answer is hot and fresh food. But normal plastic containers can’t keep our yummy ghar ka khana fresh and hot for long. We need proper lunch boxes that are insulated and easy-to-carry. Therefore, we have shortlisted 5 lunch boxes that would be perfect for your day in the office.

Here are 5 Lunch Box Options:

1.Borosil – Carry Fresh Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box Set of 2,

Borosil’s lunch box contains 2 pieces of lunch boxes, each with a spillproof lid. These lunch boxes have double-wall insulation that keeps the food fresh and warm. It also comes with a lunch bag that helps in carrying the lunch boxes. The bag can be washed in a washing machine.

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2.Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle

Oliveware’s lunch box is made using the best quality of materials. This lunch box set contains four unique and spillproof containers that keep your food and beverage fresh for hours. This set includes a stainless-steel bottle and one pair of forks and a spoon.

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3.Borosil – Hot-N-Fresh Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box

Borosil’s lunch box is made of stainless steel.The set has two lunch boxes, one carrier and one carry bag. These lunch boxes are insulated, keep your food fresh and warm. You can carry your lunch to the office in this lunch box. This lunch box is dishwasher safe but is not microwave safe.

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4.MILTON Stainless Steel Combi Lunch Box with Tumbler

Milton’s stainless steel lunch comes in unique and attractive shapes. The set includes a three-piece lunch box and one piece tumbler. The set also features an insulated carry pouch to help keep your food warm.

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5.Cello Max Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box Set

Cello’s lunch box has airtight containers that keep food fresh for a long. The containers are microwave safe, without the lid. These containers are easy to open and easy to close, making them a comfortable choice to carry your lunch in.

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