5 Different Types Of Sipper Bottles For Travelling Purpose

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We all know, water is an absolute necessity in life. Imagine travelling to any place and looking for water or energy drink to fill up but have nothing to drink it from. That’s when shaker bottles or sippers come to the rescue. Lightweight, easy to use and leak proof, these bottles are handy and can be carried anywhere you want. Not just that! The narrow mouth of these bottles helps us in drinking liquids efficiently without spilling here and there. So, if you are planning to buy a sipper for travelling purposes, here’re 5 options for you to choose from.

Here’s a list of Sippers/Shakers for you to try:

1. Fit Pick Protein Shaker Bottle

If you are a gym freak, this bottle will perfectly fit the bill. As the name suggests, you can make your protein shake and the best is, this bottle has a stainless-steel ball inside it which gives lump free shakes in just a few minutes.

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2. Fitness Station Protein Shaker And Sipper

We have found another option to make that perfect protein shake. Made from BPA-free plastic, this sipper bottle ensures quality and better performance. Apart from making protein shakes, you can also store smoothies, pancake batter, juice and more.


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3. Speedex Stainless Steel Bottle With Sipper Cap

Made with premium stainless steel, this unbreakable bottle ensures durability. It is also refrigerator safe so that you can enjoy your favourite cold drink in this sipper.


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4. Signoraware Ozel Stainless Steel Sipper

Here’s another refrigerator safe and stainless-steel bottle option for you. Cute and compact, this sipper bottle by the brand Signoraware is ideal for everyday use. From storing juice, smoothies and shakes to energy drinks, it can literally store any kind of drink.


5. Nike Sports Water Sipper

If you are a sports fanatic, this sipper bottle by the brand Nike can be a right choice. Besides, it’s asymmetrical one-handed design makes it easier to grab and hold. Try it out!

Energy Drinks

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