5 Best Semolina Options To Make Sweet And Savoury Dishes

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Semolina is a kind of pale-yellow flour which is made from hard durum wheat. Mild and aromatic, semolina is also known as suji. It is versatile and can be used to cook various sweet and savoury dishes. From making halwa to baking breads, sooji can be used in multiple ways. Besides, it is versatility, high in protein and fibre. That’s not all. It also contains nutrients like iron, folate, Vitamin B and magnesium and more. The rich nutrient-profile makes sooji a perfect option to add to your diet. If you are planning to stash a packet of sooji in your pantry, then here we have some of the best options for you. Read on.

Here’re 5 Sooji Options For You:

1. Rajdhani Select Sooji

This pack of semolina by Rajdhani is dried and lightly roasted, making it ideal to add crunchy texture into the dishes. You can use this sooji to make halwa, pasta, bread and more.

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2. Organic tattva Sooji

This fibre-rich pack of semolina is perfect to enhance the taste and texture of any dish you want. Moreover, this packet of semolina is organically grown, without the use of any chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.


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3. Nature Land’s Organic Sooji

We found another organically grown pack of sooji for you. Made with premium quality selected wheat grains, this pack is loaded with several vital nutrients. In addition, you can try many healthy food recipes with this pack of sooji.


4. Casillo Durum Wheat Semolina

Be it breakfast or evening snack, this pack of semolina makes for a delightful treat. You can make recipes like handmade pasta, pizza and much more using this. Try it today! 


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5. Naga Double Roasted Sooji

Here’s a double roasted pack of semolina for you. Made from premium quality wheat grains, this pack ensures maximum health benefits. Besides, it is perfect for making dishes like ladoo, upma, rava dosa, idli, rava cake etc.


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