3 High-Protein Indian Dinner Recipes You Can Try At Home Without A Drop Of Oil


  • A high-protein diet is essential to our body
  • Preparing a high-protein Indian dinner oil-free is quite a task
  • Here are three high-protein Indian dinner ideas you can try at home

For someone who has been trying to lose weight, maintaining a balance between healthy, nutrient-dense diet and decadent indulgence is a challenge. And if you like all things fried, it is all the more difficult to give up. As they say, oil brings the flavour to food. The deep-fried masalas and tikkas might capture our taste buds but it may also prove to be a health hazard in the long run.

Protein, being essential in building and retaining muscle mass, is one of the most important nutrients that must be included in your diet daily. A high-protein Indian dinner isn’t a tough task, delectable chicken curry or dal served with roti is perfect for a meal. Chicken and fish are even considered to be one of the best non-vegetarian sources of protein. But did you know that you can cook an irresistible chicken curry without even an ounce of oil?! Intriguing, right! Here we have three high-protein Indian dinner recipes that you can try at home without using any oil. So now you can relish your favourite finger-licking meal guilt-free!

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3 High-Protein Indian Dishes Prepared Without A Drop Of Oil:

1. Murgh Malaiwala

The dish might sound like a classic traditional greasy chicken curry but is completely devoid of any ghee or oil yet taste oh-so-delicious! With chicken drumsticks marinade in an array of spices, cooked in garam masala and milk, murgh malaiwala makes for a rich dish when garnished with almonds. Click here for the recipe.

2. Fish Curry Without Oil

There’s absolutely nothing more satiating than a rich, luscious curry full with the goodness of whole fish and coconut. Cooked in a tang of tamarind and tomatoes along with chillies and spices, here is a fish curry that boasts of great flavour yet no oil. Click here for the recipe.

3. Chicken Masala Without Oil

This one is a crowd pleaser! A chicken dish with citrusy lemon flavour, fiery spices, luscious yogurt, all tossed in together with chicken chunks without using any oil, for a stellar chicken masala dish that you simply cannot resist. Pair this with a bowl of rice for a wholesome meal that is guilt-free! Click here for the recipe.


So get that foodie in you out and start indulging in your favourite India curries without worrying about the ounces of oil. Let us know how you liked the recipes in the comments section below.

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