10 Weight Loss Attitudes you Must Change to See Positive Results

weight loss attitude

When you seem to be doing everything right and even then the extra weight just refuses drop, it’s time to put into perspective what you actually might be doing wrong. We tend to get most demotivated the most when we hit the weight loss plateau, but it’s important to keep going to reach your set goal weight. If right now, you are feeling demotivated about the whole weight loss process, here are some amazing tips to get you back on track. When we embark on weight loss, a positive and determined attitude are of prime importance because they help us to motor up and keep going. In general, attitude is described as the way we choose to view the situation – it can either be positive or negative. When it comes to weight loss, being persistent and having a positive attitude are important keys to reach your dream weight. In this post, we have listed out 10 weight loss attitudes you must change to see positive results.

10 Weight Loss Attitudes you Must Change to See Positive Results:

1. Looking at achieving short-term goals: When you set yourself short-term goals, you would most probably resort to crash dieting (extremely unhealthy) and would gain back all weight lost once you come out of it. Yo-yo dieting never works if you want to stay fit and healthy all your life. Instead, work steadily and at your own pace to lose weight the correct way.

2. Setting Unrealistic Goals: Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, hoping to lose 15 kg in a month. Set small milestones since they are more achievable, and once you reach them, you will be motivated to lose more because once you see results, it becomes an obsession. When you target to drop 3 kg per month and it happens, you will be motivated to work hard more. If you plan to lose 15 kg and you lose just 3 kg, it will probably push you back and make it difficult for you to march ahead.

3. Diet food has to be Bland: Not at all! If you have been following Rati Beauty diet programs, you would have realized how amazing your diet food tastes and what’s more, you are losing weight following them!Amazing, right!?

4. Weight Loss is Unachievable: Shedding weight may be hard; and as we age, it gets a bit more harder because – strength, lean muscle mass, and metabolism all decline, but weight loss is not unachievable as many would like you to believe. With the correct diet, right form of exercise, and pushing metabolism can all help you to get fit.

5. Exercise is a way to punish yourself: Working out and physical activity should not be a torture and a way to punish one’s body for all the weight that it has built up. Exercise should get you excited and act as a mood lifter, rather than something you dread about. The trick is to ease yourself into a routine – start with simple exercises, if you are doing yoga – start with basic asanas, pranayam, rather than dhanurasana which requires flexibility and practice. Exercise should not be tiring you out, it should leave you energetic and active.

6. Crash dieting will give faster results: Crash dieting is highly restrictive, will deprive you of nutrients, and lead to a lot of health problems. Crash dieting is also not sustainable. Crash dieting slows down metabolism, deficiencies, fatigue, and dizziness. Crash diet will only achieve short-term goals, and once you come out of such diets, you would regain everything and even more. So crash dieting is not at all realistic at all, and it’s better to eat healthy drop extra kilos.

7. Being impatient: You didn’t gain weight overnight, the same way, you wouldn’t lose weight overnight, or in a week, even in a month. Be consistent, keep dieting and eating healthy, exercise, and you will see results soon.

8. Not understanding the importance of Snowball Effect: Dieting, giving up on junk food, exercising all may difficult in the beginning, but as you move along, being consistent and patient, all these efforts collectively will burn calories, burn fat, and get you to the desired weight and dream figure.

9. Eat whatever you want today and burn off the food in gym tomorrow: Nah, that won’t work. Gym is not a place where you can burn everything that you ate yesterday, even junk food. Weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% physical activity. Even if you slog the entire day in the gym, the weight come off if you aren’t eating clean.

10. Connecting Emotions with Food: Emotional eating is a situation where one eats to feel good and pleasant, to cope up with trauma, to relieve stress, rather than to satisfy hunger. The food that emotional eaters choose are usually high-fat, high sugar, calorie-rich food full of transfat and other toxic ingredients, extremely unhealthy. Every time you are having an emotional upheaval, do not turn to food for comfort. Seek other forms of stress busting techniques, meditation is a great option to try.

Do you think there are any other weight loss attitudes we need to take care of, do mention about them in the comments below.

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