10 mason jar breakfasts you can carry to work


Mornings are hectic enough even without worrying about breakfast. If you are not a morning person then you are probably on your way to missing breakfast every day! We know that fitting breakfast into your daily morning schedule is not easy, especially when you have to prepare it yourself. But wait, we have a solution to this endless problem. You must have heard of ‘Mason Jars’. No! they’re not just for storing pickles anymore.

You can store food in them, have a warm hot chocolate, and even a delectable cold dessert. These cute jars give you a vintage-feel and are an easy way to carry your breakfast with you. You can even prepare your meal in it the night before so you don’t have to worry about making your breakfast in the morning anymore. We have compiled a list of Mason Jar breakfast recipes that you can prepare and carry to work hassle-free:

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