10 Effective Ways to Flatten Belly Fat

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Now, isn’t it beyond comprehension how even with rigorous exercise and strict dieting, the fat around the belly refuses to budge. We have talked in earlier posts about how belly fat is also called stubborn fat due to the majority of alpha receptors on the fat cells in that area. The paunch can be a nightmare for many of us, and it increases the risk of a person developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Though ab exercises are a popular choice among people to get rid of extra fat around the belly,  the kind of food you eat determines whether you have extra fat around your body or not. In fact, food does not make anyone fat, it is the wrong kind of food choices that make people overweight. You don’t need to starve yourself or go for endless sit-ups, fat-cutter pills or starve through the day, to lose belly fat – just go on a good diet such as the Rati Beauty diet and additionally, follow these effective ways to achieve a trimmed waistline.

1. HIIT: High-intensity interval training is one of the best exercise forms to lose belly fat through exercise. Instead of doing countless sit-ups and crunches, do just 7 to 15 minutes of HIIT a few times a week to see results.

2. Avoid Food with Transfat: Give up on processed food (16 Delicious Foods That Cause Belly Fat) because they have transfat which is a compound that not only leads to weight gain, it actually mobilizes fat from other areas of the body to the belly region.

3. Say No to White Sugar: Refined or white sugar can lead to quick weight gain, most of it around the belly area.

4. Foods high in saturated fats should be avoided.

5. Never go on crash dieting, as it can slow down the metabolism, which is actually the engine that burns extra calories and fat. In fact, crash dieting may eventually lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. This not only slows down your metabolism, but your body will rebound after you go back to normal eating, thus making it harder to lose the unwanted fat. Nutritional requirements of a body must always be fulfilled.Check out weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app to lose overall weight and inches off the waist as well.

6. Eat food rich in protein to reduce belly fat as protein has a higher thermic effect than other foods. Proteins require more time and energy to digest. So, when you eat protein-rich foods, your body burns more calories. Besides, since it stays in your stomach for a longer time, it makes you feel fuller, keeps appetite in check, and cuts down the need for extra calories.

7. Cut down on carb intake, more specifically refined carbs. Your body will stock the carbs it doesn’t need as fat molecules. And this is often how you get belly fat. Keep eating lots of veggies, whole grains, and fruits and cut back on white flour foods, bread, pasta, and rice, etc.

8. Eat Healthy Fats Because It Helps Burn Stored Fat: Healthy fats in food such as chia seeds, avocado, nuts, etc., boost metabolism and burns fat, including belly fat.

9. Drink green tea in the morning. It has antioxidants that help the body to burn fat and detoxify. Eliminate all juice (except natural pomegranate juice) and soft drinks from your diet. Drink only 1 cup of coffee a day.

10. Squeeze a lemon in a cup of warm water. Drink this water as soon as you get up in the morning. Drink lots of water throughout the day, keep yourself well hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water each day. Never swap water with fruit juices or packaged beverages to avoid belly fat.

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